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Ms. Pac cabinet w/ Multi-PCB Jamma Board + Multicade Controls

I bought my arcade in November, 2005 and I absolutely love it. It's a multi-pcb jamma board that you can snag from, which is a truely great board. This board has been shoved into an original Ms. Pacman cabinet, and the control panel replaced on the cabinet to provide support for a trackball, and buttons for any games that need them.

RomPack Collection

for Arcadeshop's Multi-PCB JAMMA Board

The Multi-PCB JAMMA board is a great emulation board with support for 54 vertical and 21 horizontal classic arcade games. You are required to secure your own licensing for each of the roms, but then then you can enjoy all the classics with a great menu.

You can download an easy installer for all available games:
Included Vertical Games (last update: 2010-01-26)
Arkanoid, Bagman, Burgertime, Carnival, Crash, Crystal Castles, Centipede, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Donkey Kong 3, Frogger, Galaga, Galaga 2000, Galaga: Enduring Freedom, Galaxian, Galaxian Part X, Gorf, Gridlee, Jr. Pac-Man, Liberator, Mappy, Mario Bros, Millipede, Missle Command, Moon Cresta, Moon Patrol, Mr. Do, Mr. Do's Castle, Ms. PacMan, New Rally-X (new), Pac & Pal, PacMan, PacMan Plus, Pengo, Phoenix, Pooyan, Qix, Rally-X, Space Invaders, Space Invaders Deluxe, Sinistar, Star Luster, Stroke and Match Golf, Super Bagman, Super Breakout, Super PacMan, Super Zaxxon, Tetris, VS Pinball, VS Soccer, Zaxxon

* NOTE: Donkey Kong II is available from Arcadeshop. This game is installed directly form within the Menusys application after purchase. I have NOT included DK2 in this RomSet.
Included Horizontal Games (last update: 2009-12-23)
Berzerk, Bubbles, Crash, Defender, Frenzy, Joust, Mario Bros, Moon Patrol, New Rally-X, Qix, Rally-X, Robotron, Sinistar, Splat, Star Luster, Stargate, Stroke and Match Golf, Tetris, VS Pinball, VS Soccer, Wizard of Wor

You can not legally use these roms unless you are licensed to do so. If you are licensed to use them then you can use these roms with your multi-pcb jamma board or using an emulator such as MAME.

Related Links

Links to Various Sites I've Come Across

ArcadeSD Resources
With the Arcadeshop Multi-PCB no longer available, the ArcadeSD seems to be the best alternative to surface. Currently at 96 vertical games and around 50 horizontal, this site links to the roms, docs, software and has an email notification when updates are released. Nice board, easy upgrades to a 2GB SD card, no more serial ports (yay!). This board supports purchasing DK2 and DK Foundry as well, just like the Arcadeshop board did.
First, the king of arcade emulation, MAME. MAME is software that has been ported to just about every computer platform that exists out there, and it can play thousands of arcade games. This software is awesome. On a normal PC, it's the closest thing you can get to the real games, since it uses the actual rom dumps of the actual games. You just can't get any closer, without the real arcade.
GameOnGrafix (MAME Marquees)
A nice site to get your custom art printed, or pick from some of their existing art that is available. I really like their DK/Pac Side Art, A nice side art set for a multi-game cabinet.
Looks like a good site for games, parts and some art as well. These are the folks that sell the awesome multi-pcb jamma board that I have in my cabinet.
RGVAC Newsgroup -- a nice usenet newsgroup with tons of info about arcade collecting. buy, sell, trade, parts, recomendations, you name it. This link uses google groups, but you can just load the newsgroup in any news reader you want.
Dream Arcades
Looks like a decent place to get a custom built cabinet for use with MAME for a good pc based system. The pictures of the way they bezel the monitor don't look the best, but I would have to see it in person before I judge it TOO harshly.
Dream Authentics Excalibur
An even nicer MAME cabinet, although a bit more expensive. I went ahead and picked this system up and I love it! The software setup is a bit weak, but if you are up for rebuilding that yourself it's a pretty good system. This looks much higher quality than the Dream Arcades system listed above. Or go all out for the Ultra Quad 4 player cabinet. Very Nice.

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